An African Executive Chef in America

Specializing in Fine West African Cuisine

If you’re a foodie, you’re likely no stranger to the popular TV shows like Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen.  Famous Chefs and casual cooks are all over the media, whether its Rachael Ray on the Food Network or Tasty on Facebook.  We’re constantly exposed to an array of delicious recipes though aside from the West African Jollof frenzy, we rarely see  African Chefs and authentic African dishes in mainstream media.  We are certainly not lacking of exceptional cooks, frankly most Africans by teenage years have already become experts at putting together some of the best food from the continent.    With food and the preparation of it having become such a viral spectacle on a genera scale, having more professional African Chefs, trained and certified in the industry is certainly a plus in placing our native dishes on the map.

Robert Reffell, originally from Sierra Leone and a resident of Ashburn, Virginia has already reached heights of achievement in his culinary career.  In his early 30s, Reffell has already achieved the level of Executive Chef, with a list of top companies in Northern Virginia and Maryland under his belt.  Earning his degree from The Art Institute of Washington and Atlanta, Reffell has gone from being a member of the Washington Redskins Catering Team to now owner of his Catering, Staffing, and Event Planning business, Fajih’s.

Sierra Leonean, Chef Robert Reffell catering for a Wedding in Maryland

Fajih’s has already developed a ‘WoW’ reputation among its many clients, serving a wide category of events including weddings, office meetings and conferences.  One of the unique qualities of Fajih’s is the very diverse client base it has already developed, delivering both African and non-African culinary experiences.

With the large pool of culinary talent in the African community in the DC Metro area, many cooks, stewards, waiters, and others are always seeking employment in the industry.  Fajih’s Staffing has many opportunities and job openings available for job seekers as well as a large network of catering staff to fill temporary or permanent positions for your next event.

One of Fajih’s Staff Members at an event

Reffell has hinted at expanding his culinary vision with technology, enabling even more service options that are rare for an African Chef in America.  If you’re having an event soon, consider Fajih’s to take you from beginning to end, with its very professional team.

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